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Diamond Gallow

CEO/ Founder

I've been doing hair since I was 13. I started with myself. After a really tough 

first year of middle school I did what any kid would do (total sarcasm), CUT OFF my hair. Now I had envisioned that I would have beautiful bombshell hair... Like Adriana Lima. Long story short, that was not the case. 

Instead after cutting off my dreadlocks I was greeted by something I never 

expected. A short kinky curly afro! Who would have imagined !?! Well, I never quite lost sight of that dream. I practiced various extension methods on myself until I became pretty good at them. 

Then one day at the ripe age of 14, my Aunt asked me to do her hair, after 

seeing what a spectacular job I had done on my own. I gladly accepted the offer and the humble pay of $35 ( That was a lot in those days (circa 2005)). Needless to say I did a fabulous job , everyone loved my work, and I haven't looked back.

Now with over a decade of experience. It is my promise to you, that my team and I will make your hair dream come true! We do it RIGHT the FIRST Time! 

Bombshell Love brings the Salon experience to you. We are Mobile Licensed & Certified Beauticians that offer Hair Extension, Nails, Lash Extension, & more services from the comfort of your own space.

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